Coveted makes it easy 
for Brands for Customers for Local Retailers for Artists   to  sell on Messenger. complete purchases. offer same day delivery. sell merchandise.

Input your products or import them from Shopify, and you're all set.

Use Coveted as a standalone product to manage orders, or keep your existing workflow and process your orders through Shopify.



$0 No Monthly Fees. Just 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.
Get Started For Free.

Getting started with Coveted

Create an account Sign up for an account and connect your company's Facebook page.
Add your products Manage your products with Coveted, or import from Shopify in seconds.
Connect Stripe and Shippo Accept payments with Stripe, receive discounted shipping rates with Shippo.

Communicate in your brands voice with customizable responses.

Tailor your bots responses and communicate in your brands style.

Bot Settings
Fast Checkout

Purchasing at the point of inspiration. Your customers can complete their purchases without visiting your site.

Same Day Delivery

Instant gratification. Offer your customers same day delivery in New York. More cities coming soon.

Stripe Payments

Simple and seecure payment processing with Stripe.

Ahead of the Game

Enhance your brand by being an early adopter.

Invisible to Shoppers

We power your bot and process your transactions. Shoppers are engaging only with your brand.

Native Checkout

No more forms to fill out. Facebook pre-fills billing and shipping information, streamlining the checkout process.

Fully Integrated

Integrated with Shopify, with Magento on the way. Orders made through Coveted appear in your Shopify dashboard.


Coveted is an e-commerce service provider that enables merchants to sell across multiple channels.

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